Ingenix Group Technical seminar


ig geoteric seminar.jpg Reports on November 25th will be devoted to the methodology of studying the deposits of the Tyumen formation. The Ingenix Group experts will use real examples to show the process of creating schemes of depositional environments, focus on the details of selecting algorithms for spectral decomposition, ranking paleochannels based on seismic modeling, and the issues of studying reservoirs of the Tyumen formation using a limited well logging suite will be discussed. A special guest Alexander Kalugin (LUKOIL-Engineering LLC) will talk about incorporating paleochannels into 3D geological models, the quality of reserves in the Tyumen Suite, and the verification of geological concepts.

geoteric seminar.jpgNovember 26th - The second day will feature special guests from Geoteric. Topics covered include spectral decomposition, seismic forward modelling to understand frequency decomposition colour blends and fault detection from 3D seismic data using artificial intelligence implemented in Geoteric’s Software. Spaces are limited for this event, so please register early to avoid disappointment. For more information, contact us at