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Who are we?

Ingenix Group was formed in 2009 with the active participation of Gazprombank, and has already acquired significant experience in implementing projects in the field of oil and gas consulting - from interpretation of geological and geophysical information and estimation of reserves to calculations of the economic efficiency of investments and risk analysis. Over the years, experts from Ingenix Group have completed over 100 projects in Russia and abroad.

What can we do?

A multidisciplinary project team of Ingenix Group staff members is created for each project, depending on the objectives and the results required by the customer. 

ready solutions and recommendations

  • feasibility study of project  implementation options (including express assessment)
  • a business plan for the development of the asset (with required detail, depending on the availability of information)
  • a technical audit of the project

2 working tools for the most effective evaluation of the condition of the project and operations management

  • geological and hydrodynamic models using modern licensed software from the world's leading vendors;
  • unique software  packages developed by Ingenix Group which assess the cost of oil and gas construction and analyze investment efficiency

3 a qualitatively new level of information about the project

  • expertise and estimate of reserves
  • processing support and in-depth interpretation of 2D / 3D seismic data and GIS using modern licensed software
  • geological and commercial development analysis with the creation of engineering solutions for the optimization of development systems and the integrated involvement of reserves in development, including tight oil/gas reservoirs
  • assessment of the cost of construction and operation of oil and gas facilities, examination of design and budget documentation, preparation of reports on benchmarking costs and other analytical reviews.

Why is the help we provide better than that of others?

1Substantial practical experience

We have extensive experience in the field of oil and gas consulting. Our team has the combined experience of over one hundred projects of various structures and complexity. Because to this, we save you time.

2A multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the following areas:

Ingenix Group is a team of professionals with extensive experience in leading oil and gas and service companies in Russia and the world. We solve our customers' complex tasks with the help of one team working using end-to-end business processes. A comprehensive approach allows us to save you money vs. your budgets.

3Perfection and quality improvement

We do not stand still, but instead, develop and create a community of industry professionals around ourselves. We are constantly improving ourselves; improving the quality of our services for you.