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In real-time mode: upgraded Ingenix Cost Evaluator software demonstrated at GeoEurasia 2020 conference

At the Round Table devoted to geological and economic analysis Ekaterina Dubovitskaya, Head of Conceptual Engineering and Cost Modelling, and Alexander Kirillov, Director of the Development Department, conducted a live demonstration of the upgraded Ingenix Cost Evaluator software.
Using specific cases the Ingenix Group experts showed and told in a real time mode about the advantages of the new version of ICE which due to built-in algorithms and directories allows to estimate recoverable oil reserves, make a development plan for multiple-reservoir deposits and assess the investment efficiency into a greenfield petroleum project virtually in any region of the country in a matter of minutes.

Ingenix Cost Evaluator is a reliable tool for pre-project screening of assets that allows to analyse multiple variants of their development factoring in various development scenario options, methods of utilisation of associated petroleum gas, hydrocarbon transportation options and other important factors that affect an investor efficiency.
The presentation was well received by the audience